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Updated: March 2020

Day-to-day: Snr Front-end Engineer at Kainos in Birmingham.

Projects 👨🏼‍💻

Latest project

Currently working in collaboration with a large London-based agency, integrated into their in-house development team. We’re working on and evolving a business critical SaaS product built in Angular, relied upon by several large brands to manage marketing activites. Adapting together amid the UK lockdown where the whole team is now remote.

Last project

Previously with Kainos, I was working with Cambridge-based Telensa, building a front-end for their Urban Data Project subscriber platform, creating an Angular data-visualisation application.

I was lucky enough to visit Gdansk-based colleagues on this project which was a fantasic learning and team-building experience.

Local Tech Events

Attended Notts Agile where we learned about building effective teams and healthy, safe development cultures. Tweet > Quite a few references and ideas from this meetup around team culture:

Reading 📚

Really in to audiobooks this year, currently:

Loved these from ealier this/last year too!

Podcast picks for this month with reasoned discussion about the nature of COVID-19

Thinking about

  • Spending the time in ‘UK lockdown’ wisely, refocusing, re-evaluating what’s important to me, and noticing that much of what took up my time and that of society at large is mere distraction from ourselves, and doing the hard ork of focusing and working towards what matters. For me right now that’s reflection, health and fitness.
  • Being deliberate with how I spend time. Having systematically cutting out much ‘low value’ time sinks/media, there is much time available. I need to be deliberate with using it to foster meaningful relationships and towards fulfilling things!
  • Challenging my belief that just becuase I love what I do, this exempts me from allowing space around it to focus on my wellbeing to enable me to continue to do it!
  • Giving myself credit and valuing my unique skills; not comparing myself harshly with what I elovie others to be.
  • Really looking forward to the Climbing Depot to re-open to get back on bouldering; keeping myself conditoned on lockdown in the mean time! 🧗

Thanks for taking an interest!

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