Hi, I'm Martin

I’m a Front-end web developer from Nottingham. Advocate of standards, simplicity, and performance.


What I do

I’m experienced with all stages of web project delivery from specification, UX reviews, digital prototyping to responsive front-end builds and Javascript functionality.

Working with: HTML, CSS/SASS, Object Oriented Javascript, jQuery, PHP, npm, NodeJS and command line tools.

Passionate about the front-end and usability, I also have experience working with a Microsoft stack including Visual Studio and C# MVC environments, particularly Umbraco. I have been fortunate enough to work with talented colleagues, building solutions for clients as Post Office, Royal Mail, Pizza Hut and Argos.

Typical tools

Our tools come and go, and so I like to have proper understanding of the principles which underpin them foremost. If we can be great here, we can get to grips with any tool. Right now, I’m mostly using:

Visual Studio, AWS, Wordpress, NodeJS, Gulp, Sourcetree, Wordpress, Umbraco and Jekyll.

What else?

When not code mongering I’m usually running around somewhere, shredding the trails on my bike, or doing Krav Maga. I love an open, communicative environment and making new connections with great designers and developers. Lover of philosophy and constant personal and technical development - we’re forever students!

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