Hi, I'm Martin

I’m a Front-end Engineer from Nottingham. Passionate about the front-end; building applications that matter and taking ownership of performance, and the whole user experience.

You can message me on hello@martindm.uk

Check out what I’m currently working on at my Now page!

What I do

Currently Senior Front-end Engineer with Digital Services consultancy @KainosSoftware working alongside a team of brilliant Developers and UX Designers.

I love working and learning in agile, motivated teams who take ownership and pride in their work. Lover of philosophy and constant personal and technical development - I’m forever the student, and enjoy environments that allow me to acheive flow and Deep Work.

Past projects with Kainos…


Working with Kainos Gdansk and Cambridge-based Telensa’s Urban Data Project to deliver the front-end and a design system for the new City Data Guardian platform. Built an Angular-based data-visualisation application to demonstrate the business value of environmental data from the platform.


Working with DVSA Digital to improving and maintain the MOT Service used by thousands of mechanics every day.

NI Water

Full re-brand of the website along with mobile optimisation and UX review of the customer dashboard.

I have been fortunate enough in previous roles to work and learn alongside talented colleagues, building web interfaces for Post Office, Royal Mail, Pizza Hut, Argos and others.


My core tools and experience are with semantic HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript (Es6), Express, Angular, Webpack, Node and command line tools.

What else?

When not code mongering I’m usually running around somewhere, hitting the trails on my bike, or bouldering.

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